ABC North Lanes is Harrisburg's Best Bowling Alley!

Bowling Is America’s #1 Participation Activity with over 70 million people bowling each year. ABC North Lanes is dedicated to providing the BEST ENTERTAINMENT VALUE in Harrisburg, PA. Our modern bowling center has kid friendly bumper bowling lanes available too. We also have plenty of lightweight bowling balls and small shoes for kids.

Whether you’re looking just to bowl a couple games by yourself, an outing with friends and family or you want to join a bowling league, ABC North Lanes is the place to be.

For Open Bowling times, holiday rates and specials call ABC North Lanes at (717) 545-4254.

Open Bowling Pricing


8am-5pm: $4.65 per game | $23 per hour
5pm-10pm: $5.40 per game | $28 per hour


8am-5pm: $4.65 per game | $23 per hour
5pm-11pm: $5.40 per game | $28 per hour
9pm-11:30pmCosmic Bowling Pricing


8am-12pm: $4.65 per game | $23 per hour
12pm-10pm: $5.40 per game | $28 per hour
10pm-11:30pmCosmic Bowling Pricing


8am-12pmSunday Special Pricing
12pm-10pm: $5.40 per game | $28 per hour

Rental Shoes

Adult: $3.75
Youth: $3.00

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