Pro Shop

We have a full service pro shop from measuring and fitting to drilling. We use a state of the art Innovative milling machine for all drilling.  We use the best available ball plug for plugging bowling balls and all of our plugging comes with a 100% guarantee on the plug.  We offer grips from Vise and Turbo including slugs from both.

We also specialize in Custom molded thumbs as well as The Vise IT interchangable thumbs and well as IF which are Vise's interchangable fingers. We also have Turbo Grips Switch Grip and Switch fingers as well.

We offer quick turnaround on all ball work.

We also use the Detox oil extraction machine that removes oil from reactive resin balls using hot water and ultrasonic waves.

We handle Brunswick, DV8, Radical, Motiv, Storm, Roto Grip, Columbia, Hammer, Track and Ebonite.

We also carry a full line of gripping tapes and accessories. We also carry multiple types of cleaners and polishes and wrist devises from most manufacturers.

Pro Shop Hours

Display room open during our normal business hours for the bowling center.

Drilling Hours

Monday: 1pm - 6pm
Tuesday: 1pm - 6pm
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 2pm - 6pm
Friday: Noon - 5pm
Saturday: 9am - 8pm
Sunday: Closed

Other times available by appointment if these hours are not suitable to your schedule.

Pro Shop Inquiry